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“New style in the Icebug running line! Ardor is a durable off trail and orienteering shoe for training and racing when a higher level of shock absorption is desired.”

The ”OLX” is the Icebug’s traction technology for off trail shoes.  Yes, there are ”studs” (carbide tips) fixed and exposed for gripping action.


Carbide tips for super traction in wet, muddy, and icy conditions.  17 fixed carbide studs to be exact.


carbide 2


The Ardor fit true to size and comes in at 11.8 oz (335 grams).  The upper is made of non-absorbing material.  In wet conditions, the material does not absorb moisture thus not adding additional weight to the shoe.

See additional pictures below.

side view

side views

top & bottom

front & back



Super traction going up and down hills and on multiple terrain – dirt, mud, gravel, and rocks.  I had no issues with traction even when crossing streams on top of wet rocks.  However, the carbide tips are definitely not made for road – meaning you can run on the road, but is sounds like you are in baseball cleats, which was very helpful during the family softball holiday game.

The Ardor felt great on the feet and performed well.  After crossing streams when the shoe is submerged under the water, they do not drain very well.  I assume that the Ardor was designed for ice/snow/wet terrain with the water repellent upper.  Overall, the Ardor exceeded my expectations with its traction, stability, and comfort.

Tech Specs

  • Offset: 5 mm
  • Gusseted tongue
  • Stability  Shoe
  • No Rock Plate (But well cushioned)
  • Midsole – EVA
  • Upper – Synthetic
  • Made In – Vietnam
  • Women’ Version   

Weight Table

weight table

Feature Guide

feature guide


The Icebug Ardor Olx is designed for the trail runner looking for stability and cushioning with ultimate traction on all types of terrain. The Ardor is an excellent addition to the shoe closet for those days when you need superior traction, but try not to submerge the shoe under water.

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