Create Our New Theme (And get stuff!)

That’s right. We’re looking for someone with musical talent to lend a hand.

Here’s the scoop.

If we can create a great intro theme for our podcast, by our math our listeners will have fully 30 seconds less of listening to us each week. That’s a win for them, and less work for us.

Once we realized that fact, this project went to the very top of our “to-do” list.

Are you a musician or do you know a musician who might be interested? Because, frankly, among the entire staff here we might be able to stand up a serviceable kazoo band. Maybe.

We have two hosts, a producer, an editor, and an editorial assistant. And the band shown here has more musical ability than all of us combined.

Here’s the Give – Get!

You Give:
You daydream up a theme more memorable than, say, Friends. (Are we setting the bar too high here?)

Here are our specs: at least 30 seconds long, no singing, helpful but not necessary to have it end with a “sting.” For a general approach, listen to our current opening sound effects, of footsteps moving at a running pace. That sort of approach and feel of propulsive energy is what we’re looking for… only in a more produced show theme.

Please, no dramatic musical changes during the theme.

Got it? Great!

You Get:
The first 20 people to send in a theme they have created will get personally thanked on the show, by hosts Don and Scott. (Tip: Consider using an alias, as association with our show has been shown to adversely impact your career and friendships.)

It’s not this complicated. We promise. (“Crazy Music” by pfly is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

The winner will take home $100 in unmarked, small bills and will have to suffer through one minute talking with us on the show about the theme song. He or she will also get our undying gratitude, and some gear from our partners.

Want to take part? Great! Email Producer Doug Mayer for info on sharing your file with us– and thanks!

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