Try some UCAN for Free at our New Trail Runner Nation Aid Station

Heads up! We have pretty cool deal just for Trail Runner Nation citizens!

Our friends at UCAN are offering free samples to Trail Runner Nation podcast subscribers— just for the cost of shipping.

We wanted those of you who read the Trail Runner Nation blog online and receive it in your inbox to be the first to know, since we’re sure this offer is going to run out once it’s announced on Trail Runner Nation this weekend. It’s available just to the first 200 people who sign up!

Here’s the deal: UCAN will send you two Edge pouches and two energy bars for free. All you pay is the $2.95 shipping cost. 

We’re calling it our Trail Runner Nation Aid Station. Run through, grab some UCAN fuel, and head off… no matter your destination. 

Check the offer out here

If you don’t know about UCAN… we humbly suggest you should. Here’s what Bob Seebohar, a recent Trail Runner Nation guest, past Olympic Team US Sport Dietitian and Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics had to say on a recent edition of Trail Runner Nation:

UCAN is the future of sports nutrition because of its patented Superstarch energy. It’s a slow-burning carb digests easily and delivers steady, long-lasting energy.

We’re using UCAN and we love it, period. We’d like to thank our friends at UCAN for offering this great deal to the Trail Runner Nation.

Ready? Great! Pull into the aid station now and grab some UCAN!

Once it’s gone, we’re going to be left with soggy Oreos and crumbs of potato chips at our aid station, so pick up the pace and swing by now. 

Yours in fueling,

Scott and Don
Trail Runner Nation

P.S. The UCAN story is pretty interesting, in our humble opinions. Developed by doctors to help maintain steady sugar levels, it’s backed by solid science. We also happen to think it tastes great, too. Want more info? Head here.

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