EP 492 Allow Your Happiness to Run Wild: Zoë Rom

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Zoë Rom had a great birthday this year. She woke up and set out to run the 17-mile, 5400′ ascent to Capitol Peak. Capitol Peak is one of the infamous “14ers” (peaks in Colorado over 14,000′ elevation). It is a class 4 climb that is rated “high” in exposure, rockfall potential, and Route-finding. It is also know for the “knife edge” near the top. She had a good day and ended up setting the supported FKT in 5 hours 37 minutes.

Zoë is also the assistant editor at Trail Runner Magazine, runner, climber, coach and host of the new Trail Runner Magazine in-house podcast called DNF.

We talk to Zoë about her FKT and about how DNFs are successes that propel us to become better.

Check out Zoë’s coaching website

Photos by TJ David

The Knife Edge
Photo by TJ David
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Episode 492