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We’ve got news!

For years, we’ve been asked by listeners, “Is there any way we can help you guys?” (Do we sound that bad?)

Some say we are beyond help. Now you can help prove those naysayers wrong!

Now we have an answer.

You can join our Patreon page and kick a few dollars our way each month.

Here’s how it works. Join us at the level that works for you, and we’ll do our best to return value for your investment in us– in two ways.

Our new Bonus Miles mini-podcast has just launched!

First, you’ll get a Patreon welcome package with all kinds of goodies (check it out!), like our new Bonus Miles weekly mini-podcast when you sign up at the Ambassador level.

Later in 2021, we’ll also be offering special discount codes from selected Trail Runner Nation partners, offering substantial discounts. If you happen to need some trail running gear– and we all do, from time to time– we like to think you’ll make your contribution to us back, right there!

Support Trail Runner Nation us on Patreon
Sorry, airborne training is not included in our Patreon package.

Second, we’re going to put that investment to work on projects we’re always wanted to tick off, but simply haven’t had the funds to do. For example: we’ll add the capacity and editing ability to include listeners in each week’s show, we’ll start sending high-quality audio recording equipment to our guests, so each episode of Trail Runner Nation sounds as good as it can. And we’ll soon be able to produce engaging content for our web site, thanks to our new Editorial Assistant, Tayte Pollman.

Black Diamond athlete Hillary Gerardi is pretty excited. So are we!
(Photo: Black Diamond.)

To do all this, we need your help. Check out our Patreon content now.

Sign up at the Ambassador level, for example, and you’ll also get our Bonus Miles mini-podcast, featuring a weekly behind-the-scenes chat with our show guest– it’s the conversation we usually have when we turn off the mics, but now we’re sharing it with you.

There’s more, too. You can join us for Patreon Zoom calls, and you’ll get complimentary entry to our Kokopelli 1000 trail race. (What’s that?! You’ll just have to sign up to find out. Hint: it might be fictional, but you will get a bib!)

Take a look.

If you’ve enjoyed listening to Trail Runner Nation over the years, we hope you’ll support us as we share with you our great world of trail running each week.

Happy holidays, and here’s to a healthy and happy 2021.

Thank you— and Run Mãs,

Scott and Don
Your humble co-hosts
Trail Runner Nation

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