EP 559: Understanding Female Athletes with Megan Roche

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Dr. Megan Roche helps us all, men and women, understand the physiological differences that women have and how it might be an advantage.

Dr. Roche is an MD and current PhD candidate at Standford University working on epidemiology, focused on population health and genetics for athletes, spedifically women.  she is also a freaking fast runner:

  • 2016 USATF Trail Runner of the Year
  • 5-time national champion
  • North American Mountain Running Champion
  • 6-time member of team USA

She is the co-author of, The Happy Runner: Love the Process, Get Faster, Run Longer and co-host of the popular podcast, “Some Work, All Play”

You can also hire her or their coaches at SWAPRunning.

Check out this past episode with Megan and David about their book.

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Episode 559