EP 597: You Don’t Have to Run Ultras To Be a Trail Runner

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Too often we mistake the terms “Trail Runner” and “Ultra Runner” as the same thing. They are not. In fact, running shorter distances can help us become better runners at any distance and better all around athletes.

Coach David Roche joins The Nation to talk about the benefits of running the next 5k or 10k turkey trot and how it helps us physiologically and biomechanically. It actually might be a whole lot of FUN TOO!

There are more people running ultras and especially longer ultras today. Are we moving to those longer distances too quickly? Is there benefit in running the shorter distances for a while before jumping into an event that takes all day?

David Roche is a 2-time USATF trail national champion and 3-time member of team USA. He is also part of the power duo of coaches at SWAP Running, along with his partner, Megan. They also a great book, The Happy Runner: Love the Process, Get Faster, Run Longer (you can listen to our book review with Megan and David HERE). Megan and David host a very fun and informative podcast, Some Work All Play Adventure Podcast. You can also find David as a frequent contributor at Trail Runner Magazine.

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Episode 597