EP 620: Grab Bag – Reaching Deep with AJW

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Welcome to a new episode of Trail Runner Nation, the podcast that explores the sport of trail running and beyond. In this grab bag episode, we have our good friend Andy Jones-Wilkins, a frequent contributor over the years and host of the new “Crack a Brew with AJW” podcast. Season 2 of his podcast will be starting soon.  Don’t miss an episode.  If you haven’t listened to season 1, check out the great discussions he has with RD, Craig Thornley, Jim Walmsley, Anton Krupicka, Courtney Dauwalter, Ellie Greenwood, Nikki Kimball and Arlan Glick!

In this episode, we ask Andy what he learned from his first season.  He drops hints to his season 2 guests.  We also delve into various topics that are related to running and life. We talk about the Cactus Roulette, a crazy race at Clinton Lake State Park in Lawrence, Kansas.  Also mentioned is the resource book Fixing Your Feet by John Vonhof now in its 7th Edition.  Check out his website.  Find out why Andy and Don owe Scott a HUGE apology!

So whether you’re a seasoned trail runner or a newbie, this episode has something for everyone. So grab your favorite beverage and tune in to Trail Runner Nation, where we explore the trails and the many paths that life can take us.

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  • Not quite the same as Cactus Roulette but there is a 32k in Alabama called Delirium. The 32k is made up of 4 different loops ranging from ~2miles to 9miles and runners can run the loops in any order. I haven’t run it but intrigued by the concept since it is different, just like Scott was intrigued by Cactus

  • Hallo TRN and AJW!

    Kudos to AJW for being the first American (possibly) ultra runner to have caught on to the beautiful suspense moments of Biathlon and wanting something similar for running. Now I’m gonna ignore the obvious American solution (guns/rifles) and suggest something similar, yet totally different, for you guys to riff on next time he’s on the show.

    Basketball shooting ranges at regular intervalls during a trail race!

    The way I see it there’s at least three big benefits to go with basketball:

    1: Low cost. A few basket hoops and balls doesn’t cost much, a few starter fees and you’re covered – might even be in the range for a Mom’s & Pop’s store local sponsor for many races, and since that hoop will be a regular eye magnet for the audience – well, you get it.

    2a: The time penalty part takes care of itself. Let’s say you get five balls and have to shot each into the basket hoop, if you miss you have to pick balls up from the ground yourself and move them back behind the line while time passes away before you can try again.

    2b: Alternatively in a relative mass participation event it might not be practial to set up enough hoops on several points at a point to point (no pun intended). Then you can work with one shot and queues instead – if you miss your shot you get to move to the back end of the hoop queue (or one of the hoop queues if more than one) before you get another chance. That would create interresting tactial moments when several runners comes within half the mile before a basket range – should one push the pulse to get in first, or is it better to give away fifteen seconds to arrive the most fresh of the bunch?

    3: Once black runners realize how incredibly bad most (tired) white runners are at basket you’ll get that increase in black participation in ultras that they community at large have looking for at least ten years now.

    // Peter, Sweden

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Episode 620