EP 636: I Can’t Wait to Be Patient

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Are you patient?  Can you find benefits of being more patient?  Returning expert and ultra runner, Dr. Rob Bell. helps us with some strategies that can help us be more patient.  A certified Mental Performance Coach and author of “I Can’t Wait to Be Patient (And the Fastest Way to Get There),” Dr. Bell shares his expertise cultivated through years of academic research and practical coaching. Unpacking the essence of patience, he delves into the balance between process and product, emphasizing our inability to control time. Drawing from his book, he unveils four key skills that enrich not only our running endeavors but also our journey towards becoming better individuals. Whether you’re a dedicated runner or on a path of personal growth, this episode offers valuable insights to infuse your pursuits with patience and purpose.

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  • This could not have come at a better time for me! After a shoulder surgery and a bicep tenodesis, and a phrenic nerve/diaphragm paralysis, this podcast really helped me wrap my head around just letting my life’s course do what it needs to do to get me back on the trails. Walking is the best I can do right now, Sr. Bell’s discussion really caused me to pause and realize that there’s no reason to hurry through recovery.

    • You nailed it Deb! We all have those times in our running and life. Good to have perspective and give yourself grace. Dr. Bell really helped us

  • This was helpful; being on a very long ‘long Covid’ recovery I am trying to learn how to accept my current situation and stay positive that with time things with improve.

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Episode 636