EP 653: Surgeon by Day, Runner by Night

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Are you navigating the intricate trails of ultra running, seeking to debunk common myths and embrace effective strategies?

Join us as we delve into the world of trail and ultra running with Stefanie Flippin.  Stefanie is a coach, freelance writer, podcaster (Making Strides), and…did we mention she is a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon and runs her own private practice.  In 2021, she won the USATF 100-mile National Championships with a time of 14:35, one of the top North American achievements.

Stefanie recently wrote an article in Trail Runner Magazine, “Common Misconceptions in Training for Trail and Ultras“.  We visit with Stefanie about her article and work through some of the complexities and challenges associated with this demanding sport. 

Stefanie challenges the notion that success in trail running hinges on proximity to mountains. She provides inventive training methods for those in flatter regions, proving that geographical limitations need not curb one’s aspirations. Additionally, she dispels the myth that immense training volumes are essential for ultra-running triumph, advocating instead for a focus on consistent training hours each week.

A highlight of our discussion is Stefanie’s approach to the often intimidating aspect of technical downhills. She shares strategies to conquer this fear, emphasizing the importance of proper shoe selection, visualization techniques, and gradual exposure to challenging terrain.

Join us as we explore the diverse facets of trail running, from the benefits of shorter distances to managing blisters effectively. Discover how ultra running can enhance joint health, and learn to emulate the form of experienced technical descenders for improved performance.

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Episode 653