EP 656: Year-End Audio Magazine

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In this year-end episode of Trail Runner Nation, we thought we’d publish the last audio magazine for the year. Joining us to create the articles for this edition is Crack-a-Brew podcast host and coachAndy Jones-Wilkins.

Audio Magazine is where we each “write” two magazine articles.  The created titles for these articles are somewhat disconnected.  After introducing the article with the title, the other two guess what the article is about, and then the author summarizes the article with some group discussion.  Play along and see if you guess what the articles are about!

Here are the titles of this issue:

  • Out With the New, In With the Old
  • That’s Not My Beat
  • Hold Onto Your Wallet
  • I REALLY Don’t like to Drive That Far
  • It’s Fun Until it Isn’t?
  • Deep Thoughts By Nick Saban

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Episode 656