EP 677: No One Gets There Alone

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Dr. Rob Bell discusses his book ‘No One Gets There Alone’ and emphasizes the importance of relationships and connectivity in achieving personal and professional goals. He shares a personal story of receiving help during a race and how it changed his mindset. The conversation explores:

  • Success is not solely a product of individual effort; relationships and connectivity play a crucial role.
  • Helping others can improve our own performance and mindset.
  • Competition is about competing against ourselves and overcoming our own mental barriers.
  • Treating others differently and offering support can have a significant impact on their performance and well-being.
  • Changing our language and self-talk can positively influence our mindset and performance. Helping others not only benefits them but also helps us grow and improve.
  • Shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset opens up opportunities and fosters cooperation.
  • Choosing the right models and looking beyond the top achievers can provide inspiration and guidance.
  • No one achieves their goals alone; we all need support and encouragement from others.

Some of the other podcast episodes we have done with Rob revolve around a couple of other books.  Most recently, “I Can’t Wait to be Patient” and “Puke & Rally”.  

Learn more about Dr. Bell HERE

We mentioned “The Man in The Arena” by Theodore Roosevelt

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Episode 677