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EP 673: It Starts with the Feet

Everything starts with foot health, with your contact with the ground.  Your body relies on that first bit of sensory information, so up that kinetic chain, all the way through the shin, the knee, the hip, the low back, the torso, all the way...

EP 658: Fueling for Endurance

Dr. Latt Mansor joins The Nation to discuss how metabolic flexibility and fat adaptation can significantly improve endurance running performance. He discusses the roles of different fuel sources, emphasizing that fats and ketones are more...

EP 578: Sleep is Training

One of our favorite topics at TRN is sleep. Sleep is the time our bodies adapt to the training stimulus.  Alexey Guzey, a researcher, writer and co-founder and executive director of New Science joins us to shed more light on this important part...


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