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EP 682: Western States 100 Prognostications

Each year at this time, Andy Jones-Wilkins joins The Nation to discuss the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run. This is the 11th year that he ruminates and give us his picks for the podium and the other notable runners. We decided this year to...

EP 681: Stories From Western States 100

Leading up to the 2024 Western States 100 Endurance Race, ultra legends Ellie Greenwood and Ian Sharman share their incredible experiences at the Western States 100. Ellie, who set a new women’s record in her first WS100 in...

EP 576: 2022 Western States 100 Preview

Merry Statesmas! They 2022 running of the iconic Western States 100 is next weekend.  We sit down with Andy Jones-Wilkins to get his take on this year’s race.  There will be 385 amazing stories from each of the starters this year.  We...


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