EP 486: 100-Mile Week Challenge

Andy Jones-Wilkins is not a stranger to big training blocks and high mileage, but it has been nearly four years since he has run 100 miles in one week. This year has been unique and without any races, Andy decided to push his boundaries and set his...

EP 449: 2019, A Year in Review

joins us for a quick recap of 2019 performances in ultrarunning.  It includes his picks for Ultrarunner of the year (female and male) Performance of the year (female and male) Rookie of the year (female and male) Surprise of the year (female...

EP 434: 2019 Western States Preview

runners will toe the line Saturday.  Each of them with a story.  AJW meets up with us at The Aid Station in Auburn, CA to preview some of those stories of note and give us his prognostications on the podiums. Join us for the first-ever 20...


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