EP 486: 100-Mile Week Challenge

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Andy Jones-Wilkins is not a stranger to big training blocks and high mileage, but it has been nearly four years since he has run 100 miles in one week. This year has been unique and without any races, Andy decided to push his boundaries and set his BHAG: Run 100 miles in one week. He shares the five gold nuggets he learned from his adventure.

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  • Hi!
    My name is Lauren Mitchell and I am an ultraunner.
    I shared your episode #486 with Andy detailing his 100 mile week because it was during this episode, on a run, I decided I would try it to. (I listened to it on Sunday, wrote my week out – Monday-Sunday and I finished today. I wanted to see if the motivation/ability was accumulative throughout the week as he stated on your interview. I was so fascinated by that. I shared the link to this episode in my blog recap in hopes it would motivate others. I would also love to do a version for you and share about a mother of 3 attempt at 100 miles 🙂 It was a little bit of a different experience but nonetheless successful! I did it in 14 hours. I have also run 100 miles on the Superior Hiking Trail to raise money for Minnesota and the damage from the riots. It was very inspiring too. Have a great day, and thank you for your great content.

    • Lauren,
      Congrats on being vulnerable and setting lofty goals! Putting ourselves out there is one of the characteristics of our community. Regardless of the outcome, we should always reflect on what we learned. In the episode that we will post this week, John Kelly explains this very well. He has failed at many of his goals the first time (Barkeleys and The Grand Round). He learned from his experiences and came back stronger and wiser with better outcomes. We love this about our sport. DNFs are also “buckles” in a sense. Thank you for sharing your comments.

  • Hi Andy,
    It was great hearing about your 100 mile week post hip resurfacing. I’m a hip replacement runner only coming to the sport after my THR. I think it would be great having a podcast about running after a THR. So many people are given bad advise that you can’t run after one but I’ll have completed around 3,000 miles this year with a sub 20 hour 100 mile and 3 ultra wins. I write a blog at and there are many other great runners sharing their experience here. With an agin population I think it would be really beneficial to let more people know about the possibilities after surgery.

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Episode 486