EP 647: Mitochondria – the Powerhouse of our Bodies

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Today, we’re going to explore the microscopic powerhouses that fuel every step of our runs: mitochondria. Often referred to as the ‘batteries’ or ‘powerhouses’ of the cell, these tiny organelles are where the magic happens when it comes to producing the energy we need, whether we’re pushing up a steep incline or sprinting towards the finish line.

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella rejoins us to help us understand what mitochondria are exactly, how we can create more, and how we can improve the efficiency of these powerhouses is an expert with a rich blend of clinical experience, athletic accomplishment and a passion for wellness. HERE is the link to the article Dr. Mark mentioned.

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Check out this link to learn more about Zone 2 training.

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  • This is such a profoundly humbling interview. I will never judge anyone again by how they move or how they look based on the info shared here. This really changes everything for me, I want to know more about my energy delivery system and how to fiddle with the details to be a better runner and maybe even ‘a better person’ . Thanks so much Trail Runner crew and Dr. Mark.

    • Thanks for the comment, Cindy. Our bodies are amazing and complicated. If you want to learn more, get the book “Outlive” by Dr. Peter Attia. I learned a ton from the book. I am also learning quite a bit from my membership with MetPro. They have taught me about my metabolism and how to manage and train it.


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Episode 647