EP 578: Sleep is Training

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One of our favorite topics at TRN is sleep. Sleep is the time our bodies adapt to the training stimulus.  Alexey Guzey, a researcher, writer and co-founder and executive director of New Science joins us to shed more light on this important part of our training.  We cover many topics like:

  • What are the myths of sleep?
  • Why do we sleep?
  • Is it OK to feel sleepy?
  • Should we get as much sleep as our body wants?
  • Can we over sleep?
  • Can we bank sleep?
  • Can we catch up on sleep?
  • Depression and sleep

Check out this past episode about Matthew Walker’s book, “Why We Sleep

Take a look at a couple of Alexey’s articles on sleep:

Thesis on Sleep
Alexey’s take on Matthew Walker’s book, “Why We Sleep”

You can learn more about Alexey at, follow him on twitter or learn more about New Science

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Episode 578