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EP 681: Stories From Western States 100

Leading up to the 2024 Western States 100 Endurance Race, ultra legends Ellie Greenwood and Ian Sharman share their incredible experiences at the Western States 100. Ellie, who set a new women’s record in her first WS100 in...

EP 671: Balancing Stamina and Durability

Coach Ian Sharman joins us on The Nation to unravel the nuances between durability and stamina in the realm of endurance running. With stamina framed as the ability to resist fatigue and durability as resilience against fatigue’s...

EP 600: Knowing When to Back Off

Coach Ian Sharman is one of the most consistent and successful trail and ultra runners. This year he had a few A-races that didn’t go as expected. We talk through why. We discuss knowing when to back off and how to keep running sustainable for...


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