EP 644: Ask The Coaches- Answering YOUR Questions

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Our reoccuring episode series where we bring on some great running coaches and ask them questions about running. In this episode, we asked TRN listeners via social media what questions you need answers to. We dive into heart rate zones, heat aclimation with sauna, and race strategy

Our coaches in this episode are:

Jenny Quilty
Jenny Quilty of Abbotsford, BC, is an acclaimed ultra-trail runner whose passion for the sport began during her high school and university years. With standout accomplishments like her overall win and women’s course record at the Squamish 50/50 in 2019, Jenny has continually pushed her physical and mental boundaries. Outside of her competitive streak, she is a race director for Fraser Valley Trail Races, co-owns Pacific Pine Running Co. coaching firm where she is a full-time coach. 2023 was a great year for Jenny, placing 11th at Western States 100, following her Golden Ticket achievement at Doi Inthanon, Thailand. Jenny has a Master of Occupational Therapy.

David Roche
David Roche is more than just a coach; he’s an inspiration to countless athletes, guiding them to achieve both their physical and mental potential. David coaches with his wife, Megan at SWAP Running (SWAP stands for Some Work All Play) and co-hosts the amazing Some Work All Play Adventure Podcast with Megan. In addition to coaching, David himself is a formidable runner with several accolades, including

  • 2014 USATF Trail Runner of the Year at the sub-ultra distance
  • Two-time national champion and three-time member of Team USA
  • He’s also wicked smart graduating with honors from Columbia University and a masters and law degree from Duke University.

Ian Sharman
Ian Sharman is originally from the UK but now lives in Bend, OR.He holds 10 the Guinuess Book of World’s Records for running marathons in costumes in the fastest times. He has run 100 ultras, 150 road and trail marathons, winning over 50. He holds the record for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning. yada yada, we can go on for another 30 minutes. He is the head coach for a group of amazing coaches at Sharman Ultra Coaching

We mentioned a previous episode, EP 603: Process vs. Outcome. What are Your Goals Based On?

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Episode 644