EP 629: Insights and Speculations on Western States

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This coming weekend is the 50th anniversary of the one of the most legendary ultramarathons in the world – the Western States 100.

As we have done almost every year, we are joined by our good friend, Andy Jones-Wilkins, to review some of the names and stories of the 381 racers that will be running in 2023.

For half a century, this race has tested the limits of human endurance, attracting elite runners from around the globe who crave the ultimate challenge.

Over 80% of these racers have never run the race before.  We’ll dive into the profiles of some of the top athletes who are expected to battle it out on the trails. From the seasoned veterans who have conquered this race before to the rising stars who are hungry for their moment of glory, we’ll analyze their strengths, strategies, and previous performances to forecast who might emerge victorious in this landmark anniversary edition.

But it’s not just about the winners; the Western States 100 is a tapestry of captivating stories. We’ll uncover tales of courage, resilience, and the sheer human spirit that propel runners through the intense physical and mental challenges they face on this arduous course. 

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Episode 629