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18 April 2014 / 13:08
Dr. Mark joins us again to cover some interesting topics: America College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), ...
Ryan Green
17 April 2014 / 22:21
Dr. Ryan Green is a certified athletic trainer and holds a doctorate in kinesiology.  He is a fathe ...
9 April 2014 / 15:37
If you could run one last 100 miler with a personal-best time and then never run again OR you could ...
4 April 2014 / 14:28
George Plomarity, Patagonia’s Team Sports Sales and Marketing Rep, joins The Nation to talk ab ...
28 March 2014 / 17:29
“One of the most wonderful things that has happened to the world is Trail Running”, says ...
21 March 2014 / 18:37
Karl Meltzer is the record holder for the most 100-mile trail wins and most 100-mile wins in one sea ...
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