EP 663: Endurance Lessons from Rowing Across the Atlantic

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We return to our ‘Endurance Off The Trail” Series in this episode with our friend Major Brian “Tosh” Chontosh, United States Marine Corps, Retired.  He recounts his extraordinary journey of participating in The World’s Roughest Row, rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean with his team of former Navy SEALs despite their lack of prior experience in ocean rowing. He delves into the rigorous training, preparation, and dietary strategies that underpinned their endurance feat. Tosh underscores the critical role of team cohesion and the strategic guidance from their campaign manager. He reflects on the mental resilience needed to surmount challenges and draws parallels between his rowing venture and ultra-running principles, particularly in nutrition and the necessity to eschew distractions for peak performance. The discussion also explores the mental rigors of the Atlantic crossing, the imperative of setting clear goals, and the congruence between one’s actions and objectives. Tosh concludes by touching on the broader implications of his experiences for physical endurance and leadership.

**BEFORE YOU LISTEN, watch this 45-minute video documentary of their experience.**

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Episode 663