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Zoot is a well known brand in the triathlon community. They have developed the first off-road specific running shoe in their Zoot line of shoes.  The Zoot TT Trail ($130) seems to stay true to its roots. Let’s take a look at the TT Trail.



The TT Trail comes in slightly above 11 oz. It fits true to size. It has a slip-on design. You will notice the medial and lateral “sway” bars (the blue things near the heel). These assist in preventing twisting at the heel and additional control. They also protect the shoe. Other added protection runs along the inside and outside of the shoe with a polymer layer that is connected to the midsole to protect the upper. It does add some stability to the lower part of the shoe. Although technically there is no rock plate, it has a 2-finger carbon span + shank.

The asymmetrical lacing adds ventilation to the upper (runs down to the medial forefoot side).

The outsole appears to have “tentacle-like” application in the forefoot.



I was surprised of the level of support I felt from a “slip-on” shoe.  It is stable on the trail.  In muddy conditions, I wanted more traction. When wet, I was surprised that the shoe did not “feel” like it drained well.  This could be due to the thick insole retaining water.  In the “lab”, the evaporation test results were “Poor”. I believe the results were due to the thick insole.

The asymmetrical lacing worked well and was easy to adjust. The lacing did not come “loose” during running and provides the right amount of pressure to keep the foot in place.

The shoe provides ample protection from sharp objects. Although it does not have a rock plate, the carbon span and plank provides plenty of protection. Overall, the shoe did feel supportive enough for the trails, but lacked traction when needed.



  • Toe Measurement – 11 mm
  • Heal Measurement – 22 mm
  • Drop – 10 mm
  • Gusseted Tongue (Well it is a one piece upper)
  • Neutral
  • No Rock Plate (Contains Carbon “Fingers”)
  • Midsole – EVA
  • Upper – Synthetic
  • Made In – China

Weight Breakdown



The Zoot TT Trail shoe is most likely designed for runners who want a “limited” off trail use. The TT Trail does stay close to the Zoot triathlon roots with its easy to slip-on design and speed lacing. The outsole could be designed to provide more traction in the muddiest conditions. Although the upper drained okay in wet conditions, the insole could be designed with a thinner material for less water retention.  The TT Trail could be a contender in the next design iteration.

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