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The Brooks PureGrit ($100) is the first Brooks entrance into the minimalist trail line of shoes. The PureGrit has some unique features. It’s a neutral, cushioned, and flexible shoe.



Brooks include some great features into the PureGrit. Such features include:

  • Toe Flex (Split Toe) – more efficient push off with the big toe
  • Nav Band – flexible band across the laces – secure fit
  • Ideal Heel – inverted heel promoting a natural foot stride
  • BioMoGo – “earth” friendly midsole (great cushioning)

Let’s take a more detailed look at the PureGrit.

One thing that comes out right away is the “swiss cheese” like upper. This provides breathability and quick draining while providing structure and support to the shoe. It also reduces the overall weight of the shoe.








The first test was immediately after a week long series of rain events. The PureGrit was immediately put through the wettest and muddiest conditions. I was cautiously optimistic regarding the traction. The PureGrit performed well in (1) draining almost immediately after getting wet; (2) great traction (even on slick rocks); and (3) great protection from sharp objects.

As for the upper, it is somewhat delicate (i.e., having all those “holes” and meshing) so watch out for branches.  I had to go through, over, under and around more than my share of trees that had come down across the trail from the rain.

The PureGrit does not have a rock plate, but is well cushioned. There is a section of trail that is all rocks, and the midsole is sufficient in protecting my feet from most sharp objects. I did have a small rock get lodged in the “toe flex”. It was not an issue, and it only happened once. I discovered the rock after the run and did not feel any discomfort during the run.

In the “lab”, the evaporation test rating was “Good”.



  • Toe Measurement – 11 mm
  • Heel Measurement – 15 mm
  • Drop – 4 mm
  • Gusseted Tongue
  • Neutral (Minimalist)
  • No Rock Plate (Sufficient protection with cushioned midsole and one-piece outsole)
  • Midsole – EVA (Blended with Brooks DNA)
  • Upper – Synthetic
  • Made In – China

Weight Breakdown



The Brooks PureGrit is a neutral minimalist shoe with a 4mm drop. It weighs under 9 oz and has sufficient protection.  It drains extremely well. The PureGrit is a great addition to the Brooks trail running shoe line and a great start to entering the minimalist category. I loved the overall fit and feel of this shoe and would use it as an everyday trainer, as well as, in any race distance.

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  • Had a pair – liked them at first. They broke down fairly easily though and I ended up feeling like the upper was sliding off the base as the top stretched. Only good for a couple of hundred miles before they went bad and I retired them. Make good yard work shoes though

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