How do you feel at mile 85?

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A good friend of TRN, George, will be heading up the ALT aid station this year at Western States.  In preparation, he would like to share with the aid station workers what is going through a runner’s mind at that point in the race: HOW a runner feels and what they are experiencing at mile 85 of an ultra.  If you can remember how you feel, can you please email him and let him know.  I think this is a very thoughtful approach to running an aid station.  George can be reached at

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  • George you are a great person to have at mile 85. Your skill of foot repair will help a number of people.

    Mile 85…….can look different at every race based on the previous 84 miles. If your plan is coming together all I need at mile 85 is for someone to do the math for me to tell me how many miles I have left. (The brain is shut off about that point).

    If the plan has fallen apart…..An aid station captain with a plan. Access the issue, provide permission to rest (20 minutes at an aid station is better than a DNF!) and fill the runner up with nutrition, electrolytes, fluid and encouragement.

    There are times that an additional 15 more miles is just too much. A good aid station captain will recognize and help talk that runner out of a foolish mistake. Runners do not think very well when they are deep into a bonk. We need responsible people to make good decisions for us. With that said, walking is an option….it’s still a completed race. DNF’s hurt more than a slow finish time.

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