EP 484 Tolerating the Transition – What To Expect on Race Day

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Two legendary Race Directors, Scotty Mills and Julie Fingar join The Nation to discuss when we will get back to racing, what to expect when we toe the line, and our responsibilities as racers as we transition back to racing.

Scotty Mills has raced over 200 ultras and has directed races from 50k to 100 miles including the iconic San Diego 100.  Julie Fingar is an elite runner with many podium Finnishes including Angeles Crest 100, Rocky Racoon 100, Rio Del Lago 100, Headlands 100 and top 10 finisher at Western States 100.  She is also owner of NorCal Ultras, the engine that produces some of the biggest and oldest trail races, including Way Too Cool 50K, American River 50 Mile, and Rio Del Lago 100 mile races.

Check out ITRA’s Race Guidelines: a framework of standard operating guidelines that race organizers from around the world can reference, so that we can restart trail running events confident that we are applying good practice to keep our community of trail runners – including participants, volunteers and host communities – safe.

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Episode 484