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The GoLite Dart Lite shoe is advertised as a low-drop, trail running shoe:


  • Upper: breathable mesh
  • Insole: versatile PreciseFit™ system that can be customized for narrow, medium and wide feet by inserting or removing insole components
  • Midsole: EVA cushion protection from rocks
  • Outsole: Gripstick™ rubber for traction and durability
  • Outsole: Sticky Gecko outsole with over 350 mini-lugs, grips on all surfaces including wet and snow
  • Zero Drop construction for superior balance- there is no heel lift just as if you were barefoot
  • Rock Absorber construction where the softer part is against the ground while the foot rests on a stable frame for maximum stability
  • I could not find any data on how many mm drop there was.  My guess is 4-5 mm

First Impressions

Out of the box, I felt these shoes were WAY too big and that I should have ordered a smaller size.  After reading and understanding the PreciseFit™ system and adjusting the shoe, it felt much better.












There are two separate insole adapters that can be integrated into the insole to make the shoe fit different width feet.













Although this is a low-drop shoe, it should not be confused as being a minimalist shoe.  The weight is similar to a traditional trail shoe and it has good rock protection.  I found it very comfortable and performed well on dry dirt trails.  The tread on the bottom is not very aggressive and I found that it slipped around a lot in the mud and snow.


However, it did have very good grip on the wet rocks at stream crossings and drained very quickly.  The lacing system on these shoes is VERY easy to adjust and the laces stay tied!



  • Customize-able for different width feet
  • Comfortable, breathable, well draining upper
  • Easy to adjust lacing and they stay tied!
  • Low-drop, but still has very good protection
  • Very good traction on wet hard surfaces
  • Durable construction


  • Tread on the bottom should not be used for muddy or snowy trails



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  • Hello there, Thanks for the review. I was interested in these shoes as they seem to be advertised as Zero Drop but you are saying that they are probably 4-5mm drop. That’s a pity as it would be nice to have a protective trail running shoe with a zero drop on the market, other than the Altra Lone Peak…

    • Scott, I am not sure what kind of drop these have. I could not find any specifications that stated the drop. I am not even sure HOW they really measure the drop on shoes (or frankly if there is a standard between companies). I am guessing it is around 4-5mm, comparing to another pair of shoes that I wear.

    • I’m just wrapping a review on these. They are in fact 0 drop… that is the “Bare Tech” technology that Go Lite uses… basically they believe in the 0 drop for a natural running style. However, they are not “minimalist” like the Merrell Barefoot etc… it is a great zero drop shoe, but with 24mm of ground height, and a pretty absorbing sole… I’m like more of a minimalist shoe for better ground feel, but these were pretty comfortable, and the extra cushion was nice on really nasty rocks etc…

    • I have not put on a TON of miles on these shoes. Although they are nice shoes, I have reverted back to my three shoe rotation: Hoka Stinson Evo, Patagonia Fore Runner, and Montrail Mt. Masochists. I have some other Go Lite gear and it has worn VERY well. Good quality stuff. I would expect nothing less from these.

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