Dr. Mark Cucuzzella 4: Train don't Strain

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Dr. Mark Cucuzzella joins us again to talk to us about the “H”-words: Heat and Heart.

Our community has been buzzing with the tragic deaths of Micah True (aka Caballo Blanco) and Arizonan, John Greer.

We ask Dr. Mark if ultra running can be damaging to our health and how to deal with heat in training and race day expectations.

Natural Running Center

Two River Treads

Closing Song: Baker Street by Foo Fighters

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  • Faith, thank you for asking the question about long distance running being bad for the heart. It was great to hear a common sense answer based upon reality instead of a knee jerk reaction to grab headlines.

    Thank you Dr Cucuzzella for another great podcast!

    Thank you Trail Runner Nation for the university of podcast! We newer runners have a huge advantage over the pioneers of this great lifestyle. Newer runners can go into their first big event with much more confidence armed with information gained from all the knowledge brought to us though your podcasts.

  • I grow weary of the insertion of “evolution” comments and themes in your podcasts. I always look forward to your podcasts otherwise. Small, minor critique.

    • I suggest you’ll get a lot more out of learning to run better if you do take an interest in the science behind it. Cutting yourself off from learning is to your detriment.

      Please, Dr Mark, and hosts, _do_ continue to inform us about the science behind the advice.

  • Fantastic podcast! Great questions and great answers!
    Learning from previous MC’s podcasts I have already changed my gait and shoe towards a more naturalist running style. I will now rethink my training and racing strategy as well. ‘Train don’t strain’ is a powerful mantra!
    Btw, I think Dr MC’s Marathon PB is much faster than 3:35. I found a few sub 2:30s when I checked on Athlinks.

    Great show!

    • Sorry, meant to say Dr Mark Cucuzzella’s Marathon PB is much faster than “2:35” as I think it was mentioned in the podcast!

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