I put on my Performance Enhancing Kokopelli (PEK) and this happened to me…

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  • A word of advice; the PEK should only be used for running! Last weekend I did the Cahellenge Barcelona, an ironman-distance triathlon, trying on the PEK for the first time. A friend, and avid runner, had recently introduced me to the Nation and given me PEK to use in Barcelona. Well, it didn’t really work it’s charm until the final part of the marathon…. I was behind my own schedule already out of the water and just when I was about to catch up with my lost time on the bike-leg I got this kind of deflated feeling in my thighs. On the marathon I didn’t really have the necessary strength and decided to just shuffle-jog through and at least finish with my pride intact. Then, on the last round with 10 km to go I decided to finish in style instead. My back straightened, my stride became lighter, and my form felt better. The final km into the stadion, being cheered on by the crowd, was intoxicating. The last 10 km on the marathon proved to be the fastest!

    Lessons learned; never mix the PEK with water & wetsuits or time-trial bikes & power- output. It’s for running with feel, being one with ground (i.e., trail…) and being carried on by your inner drive. Easy, light, smooth and fast…

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