WHY did you start running?

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We talk to many runners that have a wide variety of reasons they started running.  Some have always been runners.  Some began running to lose weight or stay fit.  While others had a distance race on their bucket list.  Why did YOU start running?

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  • I started running as a competitor in track and field when I was under 10 and continued through my third year of college. I then started running again in my 30s when I was more than 80 pounds overweight, out of shape and needing a change of life and lifestyle.

  • I’ve been running to train for other sports (rugby!) since I was 14, but I started running for the sake of running and racing when I was 19 🙂

  • I lose weight. I was pushing 500lbs and couldn’t “run” more than 100 feet to start. I went between the eleptical machine and running outside. I finished my first 1/2 Ironman Sept 2 this year and am currently at 225/230lbs.

  • To lose weight and get fit. I want to be the grandma playing with her grandchildren, not the one watching her grandchildren play.

  • To lose weight. I had always been active, being in the school’s cross-country and track team. But after having left school and started working the pounds started piling on, so I decided to start running again to lose some weight and get fit.

  • After leaving active Army service, I had enough of running until about age 45, when I realized I couldn’t run two blocks without fear of a heart attack. So, I started running and entered some 5K’s and 10Ks, then at 47 I ran my first marathon and at 48 I caught the ultra bug. Now, I’ve lost weight, about 4 inches off my waist, and all the biometrics my doctor used to worry about are in good shape!

  • I don’t really have a reason why I run. It’s something that I’ve just always been instinctively drawn to do.

  • I was a cyclist and had a pretty bad crash that left me with an arm in a cast for along time — the rest of me healed and I was going crazy not being able to cycle, so I started running at age 45. Running kept me sane even though it was painful at first. Now I run because I can.

  • I ran as a kid, but never seriously (school track, ravine exploration etc). Cycled a lot in late teens and early twenties (50 to 80k a day commute both ways), and have been a martial artist my whole life. Started running “with purpose” just in the last year, largely because of the challenge of growth, the science of it, and the pending Zombie Apocalypse (Zombies don’t run in my version). I also found minimalist shoes, which changed my thud, thud, thud style into something that now carries me like the wind (not always a calm wind, but the wind nonetheless).

    Looking forward to my first Ultra in the coming year with a 50k as the target.

  • I started running in 7th grade for sport. I fell in love with running and have been a runner ever since. Despite a devastating MCL injury from softball a couple years ago, I have since rehabilitated my knee and completed my first half a month ago. I am at peace and happiest whether it is running trails or out on the open road.

  • I had moved to Manhattan and couldn’t afford a gym membership AND rent. So… I joined a local group and jogged 3 miles first time out… loved meeting new people and it was a bonus that I loved the jogging as much. When I moved back to WV, I started trail running… I just haven’t looked back and I love it more every day.

  • Spite…..
    I live just south of Las Vegas. One December morning we were taking a few friends from out of town to breakfast on the strip.

    When we turned off the highway we found Las Vegas Blvd closed for a marathon. Who would have thought that all those casinos would be OK with closing their main road for a bunch of crazy runners.

    Well, 2 hours later we were eating breakfast and watching the marathoners pass by. I decided if you cannot beat them, join them. Those at the table thought it was very funny. Well, the joke was on them. in 1 year, I went from coach potato to 26.2.

  • Getting fit for another sport — Judo. I needed something cheap, so I got some running shoes. I started running seriously in February, and finished my first half-marathon last month. Now I’ve got myself some trail shoes and I’ve started running on the banks of my local river.

  • Initially to keep fit, but then it became a bit addictive, I have done heaps of road running, but have just started getting into trail running, because I love the mountains. I hope to start competing in some trail races soon.

  • I started running because to loose wieght then two of my best friends signed me up for a half marathon and i was hooked. A year and a half later this past weekend i just ran my first 50k and had a blast !!

  • I was inspired by some running coworkers about 13 years ago. After stopping and starting over the years, I finally came back to running again a couple of years ago to improve my health. I stay with it for the stress relief. I just discovered trail running this year and I love it!

  • My running as a regular life habit began in college when I needed to get in shape for a fitness class. I had run in High school and hated long distance – 1 mile or more. The instructor for the fitness class and I became acquaintances and he invited me out for a short run. He went slow with me over a single track trail loop he ran himself a lot, made the run fun and enjoyable. I was interested since it was interesting to do, not because I had to do. We ran several more times before the class and then after the class over the remaining time I was in college. He was a true coach and mentor. We had many talks on many topics while running.

  • i started running because i was bored when i took a break from mountaineering, and i was out of i started running and haven’t stopped since.

  • I ran cross country in high school. But I really started running again when I was 30 years old and a friend of mine wanted to do a marathon and had no one to run it with her so I told her I would do it with her and that was how I got hooked on running. Now 9 years later I have run 43 races of marathon or greater distance! My passion for running was again renewed this year when I ran my first 100, now I wanted to run as many ultras as I can! Thanks Trail Runner Nation for helping to fuel the fire!

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