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Trail Runner Nation’s European correspondent (and professional bonker), Warren Pole, asked if he could turn the table on Don, Faith and Scott and ask THEM questions. We realized quickly that Warren IS a professional investigative reporter / writer when he

  • quickly had Scott broken, crying, coiled in the fetal position and sucking his thumb – (Don may have edited that part out :))
  • Don gets upset and storms out of the Studio and
  • Faith is heard saying, “That is a really good question, Warren!”

Closing Song: “Three More Days” by Ray LaMontagne

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  • I’ve listened to all your podcasts so I’ve been really curious about who I’ve been listening to all this time. Awesome podcast, Warren did a great job!

    Also, you gotta post that picture of Don when he was a bodybuilder!

  • Awesome podcast guys. It’s great to finally know a little bit about you three. You’re all basically just regular schmucks like me which makes your podcast even more special. I’m a So Cal guy and I need to get some races planned up in your area. It sounds like a wonderful place to run.

    Don, Can you fix my peroneal tendons??

    Suggestion, if you want donations to get some new equipment that will improve the sound quality (more even volume levels would be great) maybe you can have a fundraising drive kinda like PBS does. It’s more fun to donate if you are helping someone reach a specific goal.

    Keep up the good work.

    • We are regular schmucks no doubt about that! We just happen to record our conversations about the trail. 🙂

      I will try and increase the volume for ya. (Actually our fund raising strategy is to ask for donations in trade for volume!

  • This was one of my favorites, from a non-technical information perspective. Speaking of perspective, I live on the East coast, but I might as well be in England. I love that you guys are so close to what I consider the center of it all, just the same though, it seems like a different world out West.

    I think what was so great about Warren’s interview is that it covered some of those fuzzy topics that I’ve always wondered about. Such as why are the product reviews seem always positive and how the show split from ultrarunnerpodcast. Now I have a much better picture of who you are and why you do it. Now I can confidently say those kokopellis are worth every penny, just for your dedication and hard work.

    Keep up the good job! I appreciate it.

    • Thanks Jim. Warren is such a cool cat. We have really been lucky to become acquainted with nice people. It really is like spending time with friends. It makes it easy to podcast with familiar personalities.
      We plan on a steady diet of Warren if he can stomach that!

      • Thumbs up for that idea. The podcasts with Warren have definitely been favorites of mine…it’s been great to hear what the ultrarunning scene is like in Europe.

  • One of my favorites. I always found it strange that you guys were on URP (I found them first and then you all, but caught up) and then you were over here on your own and no mention anywhere. Glad Scott shed a little light.

    It really was fun of you guys to have Warren interview you. And great to have Faith there! Thanks for sharing.

  • Echoing all the other raves here – it was great to get to know you guys a little better, definitely one of your better podcasts (no worries, they’re all good).
    I haven’t run any ultras – yet (multiple marathons, though). If I can work my schedule, I’ll do the Yakima Skyline 50k in the April, quite possibly putting this 54 year old on your “heroes” list (imagine that!) and then proudly wearing the title – ultrarunner.
    Put a PayPal donation button up on your site, I’d be glad to help you get those boom mikes (and to cover the costs of one of my favorite diversions – Trail Runner Nation podcasts!).

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