Anna Frost: running around the world

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Anna Frost, AKA Frosty, runs for Team Salomon.  Whn we asked New Zealand native, Anna Frost what she would like to talk about, she simply said RUNNING. So we did just that and hit the following topics:

  • Mountain Running
  • Trail Running similarities and differences around the world
  • Her passion for the sport
  • Her training philosophy and how it has changed
  • Female Athlete Triad

Here are some links that we discussed:

El Cruce Columbia Stage Race

“Rushing Women’s Syndrome” by Libby Weaver

“Shout it Out Girls” – a forum for women on Anna’s blog

The International Sky Running Series

Closing Song: “1901” by Phoenix

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  • Great interview! As far as running up mountains, hill climb races, we do have those around where I live in Jackson Hole, WY. We actually have a hill climb series. They’re good fun. Keep up the great podcasts! I really enjoy listening. – Chris

  • I’m jealous of Christopher’s location! I worked there one winter and loved it!

    I really enjoyed this podcast. I took it out on a run. You all are great company when one has to train solo. Anna has a wealth of information and I’m so glad she is eager to share. What a runner!!!

    thanks again for a great podcast!

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