Dr. Tim Noakes – Are We Waterlogged?

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WARNING: This podcast may change the way you train and race forever!

What is your sweat rate?

What is your hydration plan for training and racing?

How do you know if you need to increase your electrolyte consumption?

OR, have we been dooped by the big corporations into spending millions on hydration supplements?

Tim Noakes, MD is an accomplished endurance runner and veteran of over 70 marathon and ultramarathons.  He is also the Discovery Health Professor of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and one of the world most esteemed researchers dealing with endurance athletes.

Many of you may have his classic book, “The Lore of Running” (or should have).  We talk to Dr. Noakes about his latest book, “Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports”  These two books should be in every ultra runners’ library.

Closing Song: “Cool Clear Water” by Hank Williams

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  • BOOM! That was one of the most interesting podcast EVER! In all this born-to-run ideology it is a key element that humans have a supreme ability to get rid of heat – through perspiration – by shedding water. It would make total sense if we also where well equiped to dehydrate. That is allmost poetry. I can wait to go out and take it to the test and see if it works for me.

    Congratulation – you seem to have broken the “that’s-a-good-question-FAITH” spell ;o)

  • Okay…after listening to that my brain feels extremely mushy. So much NEW information that I think I need to listen again and take notes. (I try not to write and drive at the same time.) Everything that I ever thought to be true or have been taught seems wrong. However…I have ALWAYS listened to my body and would get yelled at or “talked to” for not drinking enough! Even on a day to day basis I am not one to drink a lot I do however drink when I feel thirsty. I definitely do not force myself to drink the 8 glasses of water a day because honestly I hate having to pee all the time and my stomach ends up feeling like the ocean is in it.
    So yeah…this podcast…SUPER informative. Now I need to go take notes! 🙂
    Run hard…Play harder!

  • Ok, so if I heard correctly, taking in 12-15 (or even 20) ounces of water per hour will not get you into trouble. He was specifically talking about people who take in upwards of 40 ounces every hour? I think I’m in the clear then with what I have been doing, about 20oz/hr.

    I am kind of concerned though when he started talking about electrolytes and carbs. My beloved Tailwind Nutrition might be in trouble!

      • Whoops, should have read 400-800mm hr should be enough to satisfy thirst, depending upon intensity of effort and conditions. This information can be found in chapter 10.

  • I agree with what either Don or Scott said: this seemed more like an intervention. Or a Firesign Theatre album (Everything You Know Is Wrong). Amazingly informative podcast…well done, guys!

    • BTW…at my library today, I found the very recent (2013) book _The New Rules of Marathon and Half-Marathon Nutrition_ by coach and sports nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald. He too is advocating “drink to thirst” and cites Dr. Noakes’ book _Waterlogged_ (among many others). At the halfway mark, I’m thinking this is an excellent book on both running nutrition and hydration.

  • The podcast is SUPER!!! I need a little clarification on CRAMPS. Dr.Noakes said in the podcast to stretch the muscle to relieve cramps. Did he mean to stretch during exercise or stretch while at home watching a movie to make the muscle longer. He talked about the reflex in the muscle which prevents cramping and he suggests we need to stretch to make the muscle longer which makes it stronger and less likely to cramp, is my interpretation accurate?

    Also, any suggestions on how to strengthen the patella knee tendon?

  • I’ve listened to all the podcasts and the one overwhelming take away from all the Drs. and experts is listen to your body. Knowledge is a great thing but sometimes it get in the way of doing what you love.

  • killer interview! Damn Dr Noakes threw down some knowledge, and your questions were on point. Some deep insights shares. Big thanks for sharing this with us all.

  • Every podcast you guys do is great, but this was one of the best. Thought provoking and very informative. I’ve added Waterlogged and The Lore of Running to my Amazon wish list. Thanks for a great interview gents!

  • When I was a kid growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, no one carried a water-bottle. Sports drinks had not yet been invented. The adults even told us that drinking water while playing sports would give us cramps. I do not recall anyone ever getting dehydrated. No one took salt tablets and no one got hyponatremia either.

  • “And Dr Noakes came down from the mount, with the two tables of the running testimony”..So beautifully articulated.

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