Duncan Callahan – living and training at altitude

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Duncan Callahan lives and trains at over 7000′ altitude in beautiful Colorado.  He has finished in the top 10 in the last 33 races, winning the prestigious Leadville Trail 100 twice!  Duncan joins us to talk about:

  • Training and racing at altitude
  • How to mentally execute a race
  • How making a peanut butter sandwich is similar to racing
  • “Be the 4th Quarter guy”
  • Cardiac Drift
  • How to enjoy the process of transformation
  • Learning how to balance life, work, family and running.

Closing Song: “Hot to Death” by Everlast

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  • In Colorado I run for fun but fly helicopters for a living. Heat in the mountains has dramatic effects on my running and even more pressing effects on my flying. At 10K’ and 83 degrees, as a mountain runner I know I’m probably going to be walking. As a pilot I know the air has the same density as that of about 13.5K’. To Duncan’s point of training in the heat at altitude I think this has some relevance. There are a several density altitude calculators out there. A 100 degree day on the beach with 60% humidity is like running at 2500′. Bonus. Great podcast btw.

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