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Wow! A very nice update from the 1.0 version.  You will immediately notice the new color/branding and logo change on the PB Adventure Vest 2.0. The brand redesign has moved away from its signature red logo to a simpler UD design with the navigational north arrow integrated into the design (a nice clean look).

ud logo

Back to the 2.0 upgrades:

(1)    Beefed-up the bungee cords

(2)   Side adjustment straps (hidden in both side velcro pockets)

strap inside pockets

(3)    Front zippered pockets are a little larger to provide easier access (plus more storage)

(4)    An added side access zipper and gear storage separator making accessing and securing a hydration bladder much easier

side view

(5)    Silnylon 66 (replacing the Cuben fiber) provides increased seam strength (still waterproof)

The 2.0 version weighs in at 17.20  oz and slightly heavier than the 1.0 version (12.75 oz).  With the added upgrades, the PB Vest 2.0 is more durable than the former version.


Plenty of storage along with the upgraded material and increased durability, the PB Vest is stable with two full 20 oz bottles up front while running.  You can use the new UD Body Bottle instead of the traditional hard plastic water bottles to safe some weight.  The UD Body Bottle weighs 1.10 oz (empty of course), but the fluid capacity is 14.2 oz.  They fit nicely in the front bottle pockets or side Velcro pockets.

front pockets w bottles  side pocket w bottle

The PB Vest 2.0 is durable and there is room to store lots of gear. I’ve packed it full of gear (e.g., trekking poles, lightweight stove, jacket, etc.).  It has a nice fit.  The Medium/Large size fit me well. I like the added side zippered opening to access a hydration bladder and the gear separator.  It is a nice touch to the new update.

side view

The PB Vest performed well on long training runs when needing more storage to carry my gear. I had no issues with chafing or unusual wear spots on my tech shirts. I like the attached whistle near the left front pocket.  In summary, a great fitting vest with ample  storage that will last.


  • Volume Capacity: 671 in3 / 11L
  • Fluid Capacity: 2 x 20 oz bottles / 2 x 591 mL (plus optional reservoir)
  • Weight: 17.20 oz. (22.70 oz. with empty bottles) (Size Medium/Large)
  • Height: 16 in. / 41 cm
  • Width: 9 in. / 23 cm
  • Depth: 4.5 in. / 11 cm
  • Attached Whistle included

Sizing (Unisex) – Chest Measurement

  • S/M: 23 – 36 in / 58 – 91 cm
  • M/L: 31 – 40 in / 79 – 102 cm
  • Measure wearing the clothes you intend to wear
  • A vest full of gear will fit smaller


The Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest 2.0 is a very nice update to the prior version.  I love the new UD branding and all the updated features to the Adventure Vest 2.0.  This is a must piece of gear for the long training runs and/or races when you need to care your essentials and like to have bottles upfront in hands reach.  You may want to try the new UD Body Bottles for easier storage and reduced weight.

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