Making Lemonade at the Barkley Marathons with Jared Campbell

April 25, 2014

Jared Campbell paid his $1.60 and a pack of cigarettes for his third attempt and second finish at the 2014 Barkley Marathons, a niche race in a niche sport.  Since the race’s inception in 1986, only fourteen runners out of about 800 have completed the 100 mile race within the official 60 hour cut-off.  Jared is one of two racers that have finished the race twice.  Jared joins The Nation to discuss one of the most difficult trail races and his view on training.

You can learn more about Jared at his blog, Door5 and read more about his race at Barkley Marathons HERE.

Watch the 2014 Barkley Marathons Movie TRAILER and find out more about the movie HERE

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  1. Steve says:

    Scott and Jared, here is a race for you
    Enjoy! 🙂

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