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Dr. Mark joins us again to cover some interesting topics:

  • America College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the world’s authority on exercise and health,  just released an article, “How to Select a Running Shoe“, refining their position.
  • Should you follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations blindly?  What questions should you ask and what drugs to be careful of as a runner.  There was an article in Runners World talking about some medications you should avoid as a runner.
  • Breathing is an important component in endurance sports.  Can we learn to breath better?.  What are things to consider and what are some exercises to learn to breath better?   Check out this video of some exercises you can do.
  • A few ways to help you improve your running gait: You need to check out THIS WEBSITE.  You can get a PHd in running gait from these videos.  Another LINK that has more gait analysis information.

Where to find Dr. Cucuzzella:

LINK to all of Dr. Cucuzzella’s podcasts with The Nation.

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