A Look Back at 2015 & Look into 2016

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Scott & Don

January is time to review what was accomplished in the previous year and look optimistically into the coming year.  The Nation is joined by Andy Jones-Wilkins, Ian Sharman and Billy Yang to discuss:

1. Top male performance

2. Top female performance

3. Top American story

4. Top European story

5. Biggest Surprise

6. Trends in the sport

7. Predictions for 2016

Make sure you check out Billy’s year end retrospective video HERE

Make sure you see all the 2015 ultra running statistics in the upcoming issue of UltraRunning Magazine

On the podcast Ian and Don had a gentleman’s disagreement:  Ian accused Don of referencing unreliable DATA to support his erroneous claim that ultrarunning is a shrinking sport.  Ian, on the other hand, sites UltraRunning Magazine as the most reliable warehouse of archived trail data: illustrating a healthy and expanding sport.   After careful review following the podcast, including comparing finishing times between Ian and Don, Ian position clearly won the day. Ultrarunning is a thriving sport.


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