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Our favorite British corespondent, Warren Pole,  joins The Nation to talk about nutrition and the small cottage industry he and some mates started.  33 Shake is high-nutrition food that deliver a difference you can feel.  Born from his desire to feel better and fuel more effectively, Warren discusses the low-quality of the many current sports nutrition products and how 33 Shake is different.

33 shakegel

And finally, it is available in the United States!  SHOP HERE If you enter the code, “TRN33” you will receive 10% off your order.

Their US tour is tentatively scheduled for:

April 1-30: West Coast
May 1-31: central USA
Jun 1-27: East Coast
If you want them to visit your running club, store, etc. please contact them and schedule a date:
Twitter: @33shake
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  • Can’t believe I’m from the UK and the only way I get to hear about this great product is on an American podcast??!! I’ve been looking everywhere for a chia based “natural” product after many fails making my own…. I can’t wait to try it!!

  • As a native Nebraskan, we would LOVE to have you come through! Don’t be afraid of the corn and soybean farmers. 🙂 Looking forward to trying your product.

    • We would LOVE to come to Nebraska! Do you have any clubs or communities you’d recommend we get in touch with to set up a 33Shake US Tour Stop? Drop me a line on, all the best, Warren

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