EP 545: Survey Results Are In! Mental Health and Running

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Ultrarunner and Psychologist, Jill Colangelo, recently published her thesis discussing the relationship of mental health and ultra endurance sports.  Some of you may have even participated in her study!  We discuss how prevalent mental illness is in our sport and how we can balance our passion with healthy living.  You can read her paper HERE.

For more information or to talk with Jill visit her web site.

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  • Thank you for tackling this subject. If you or anyone is looking for that first step to getting professional help and needs assistance, please have them reach out to Bigger Than The Trail. We are a non-profit raising funds to provide free counseling through BetterHelp. It was great to hear that Jill recognized running as a tool but shouldn’t be the only only for being a fully healthy person. We like to say that running is therapeutic but isn’t therapy. Keep shining light on these topics, the more people we can help get started on the journey, the more lives we save!

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Episode 545