EP 544: Wrapping Our Brain Around the Central Governor Theory – Part 2

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The central governor theory is based around the premise that the brain will override your physical ability to run and “shut the body down” before you’re able to do serious or permanent damage to yourself.

Dr. Joe Uhan, founder of Uhan Performance in Eugene (Physical Therapy, Coaching, Running Analysis) and is studying manual therapy fellow-in-training at Johnson & Johnson Physical Therapy in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Topics we cover in part 2:

  • The central governor has a purpose and we have to listen to it.
  • Learned pain patterns
  • You become more sensitive to common pain points. Your governor becomes hyper sensitive, and more threatened.
  • Can you “synthetically mask” the central governor? 
  • Does the governor actually know whats going on? 
  • Can your central governor fail you? Can that work to your advantage?
  • Can you train your central governor with Psychology?
  • PMA goes a long way.
  • What’s happening to the governor when we have peaks and valleys in our run?
  • Maybe it’s a committee of governors…
  • What is the something that all the top runners have in common that amazes you?

We referenced the article Joe wrote in irunfar

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Episode 544