EP 570: The Power of Consistency

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What does consistency mean to you?

Returning guest, Adam Kimble joins The Nation to discuss the long-term benefits of consistency.  Could consistency be the holy grail of training success?

Learn more about Adam by checking out his web site and his coaching site, Run On Dirt Coaching.
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  • Another great episode – this is one that needs multiple plays. Not because it’s very complicated but just the amount of information it contains. I think Scott and I may be brothers from another mother. I can’t count all the times he asked a question or made the exact comment I was thinking, including scheduling all my runs into my WORK calendar a week in advance; total game changer.

    Let me add that this episode’s topic goes well with a previous episode where you talked about tough vs stubborn. If I’m a little sore and tired do I want to run and be tough and consistent? Or is it better to take a day off and fight another day? And what about practicing my mental toughness? Isn’t it good to run when I’m just not feeling it? It seems that something so simple as putting one foot in front of the other (a bunch of times) should be so complicated. I wish my Garmin watch had a screen that told me whether I was being a wimp or not.

    Maybe it’s best to give myself a little grace and be OK if a 10-mile plan turns into a 1-mile reality. Occasionally. And be honest with myself when I think I’m wimping out. And what difference does it really make?. . . Ahh heck, I’m doing hard things with a less than perfect body. I did not win the genetic lottery to say the least, thanks mom and dad.

    Anyways, a long comment to say you guys are the best ever and I wish your podcasts were an hour longer but that’s OK, I can always listen twice. It’s like double-dipping!

    • Hey Joe,
      Thanks for the comment. Great points you make here. Thanks for the thoughts you bring up. I think it is a thin line between being a “whimp” and listening to your body. I struggle with this all the time. The point I took from our. Discussion is to do something- even if it spits an easy active recovery or a 10. Knute walk. The habit of doing something has huge benefits.

      Thanks again.


  • Oh man, I almost didn’t listen to this episode bit I’m so glad I did. For the last 2 years I’ve been on this roller coaster with asthma and getting a good consistent roll on and then every 3 months or so having to stop because of an episode. Still trying to pull myself out of this funk but this episode has given me some great tips!! Thanks guys!

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Episode 570