EP 585: How to Use Biomarkers to Be a Better Runner

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Sports Nutrition expert, Ashley Reaver, rejoins The Nation to discuss 5 additional biomarkers that endurance athletes should be aware of.  These biomarkers can help (or hinder) functions within the body like buiding red blood cells, help in recovery, energy and other body functions.

Biomarkers help us understand what is going on inside our bodies.  Ashley helped us understand the top 5 biomarkers in a previous episode.    In this episode identifies five additional biomarkers, why they are important, what is the normal range and what can we do to correct them if they are outside the normal range.

Ashley Reaver is a registered sports dietician with a masters in Nutrition Science and Policy.  She offers nutrition counseling in her private practice and a full-time teacher of nutrition and dietetics courses at the University of California, Berkeley.  She is also the lead nutritional scientist at Inside Tracker.

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Episode 585