EP 602: G.O.A.T. Frank Hart 1870s

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Frank Hart rose to fame, popularity and wealth in the 1870 as one of the first African American athletes to break the color barrier as an ultra runner.

Davy Crockett, the host of the podcast, “Ultrarunning History” joins us to tell us this amazing story of Frank Hart and the early popularity of pedestrianism.

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Davy has run over 100 100-mile finishes since starting in 2004.  He is a race director of the Pony Express Trail 50 and 100 in Utah and was recently named Director of the American Ultrarunning Hall of Fame.

You can learn more about Davy and his many works at 

Check out our earlier episode with Davy about the history of EP 556: The History of Ultrarunning

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Episode 602