EP 615: Zone 2 Training: The Key to Improve Endurance and Recovery

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Zone 2 training is one of the keys for injury-free longevity and improved performance.

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella rejoins The Nation to help us understand what zone 2 training is and how it can benefit us as endurance athletes.  Dr. Cucuzzella is an experienced runner and TRN’s resident MD.  He provides valuable insights and practical tips on how to incorporate zone 2 training into our routine.

  • How does training in zone 2 improve aerobic capacity, fat utilization and endurance?
  • How to determine your individual zone 2 heart rate or power zone?
  • How to structure a zone 2 training session: duration, intensity and frequency
  • Strategies to maintain zone 2 training intensity and avoid pushing too hard
  • How to make zone 2 training more engaging and enjoyable
  • How to balance zone 2 training with rest and recovery

Visit Dr. Mark’s running store, the first minimalist running specialty store in North America, Two Rivers Treads.  Their staff can do video consultations and put you in the best shoe for your specific physiology.

Make sure you watch his 8:25 Video that show the principles of natural running.

Be sure to spend some time learning at The Natural Running Center web site.

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  • Fantastic episode… I learned so much from this episode. For me, an important take-away is the “Cards.” Also, using the nose as a gauge for intensity. So many times I have run into situations where my heart rate monitor tells me one thing but my body say’s another.

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Episode 615