EP 628: Running with Purpose -Rediscovering Joy

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Frosty, Anna Frost, a trail running icon who has conquered the most challenging trails while inspiring countless runners along the way.

In this episode we delve into a topic that is very close to her heart – maintaining a relationship with running as life takes unexpected turns. From her days as an elite pro trail runner to embracing the joys and challenges of motherhood, and now as a successful business owner, Anna has navigated these trails with grace and determination, keeping nature and trail running as a core part of her existence.  However it was not without challenges.  She shares the obstacles she faced and the beautiful solutions she discovered to help you navigate your own life trails without succumbing to injury or burnout.

Join Anna on one of her many adventures around the world at Trail Run Adventures.  This week they are in Madeira.  In July they have trips to Chamonix, Silverton and Norway!

Also check out the New Zealand Black Currant supplement that Anna talked about CurraNZ.  Get 20% off with code TRN20!

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Episode 628