EP 640: The Pain Cave

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In this must-listen episode of Trail Runner Nation, we explore the enigmatic “Pain Cave”—a space every runner knows but wishes to avoid. Our exceptional panel includes ultra-marathon champions Jeff BrowningMichael Wardian, and Courtney Dauwalter, as well as sports science expert Alex Hutchinson. They join us to dissect this complex topic in a three-part discussion: Defining the Pain Cave, Navigating through it, and Anticipating its arrival. Whether you’re a seasoned ultra-runner or new to the sport, this episode promises invaluable insights into understanding and conquering one of the most challenging aspects of endurance running. Tune in and illuminate your journey through the Pain Cave!

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  • Hey guys,
    Another amazing episode. Interesting how each person’s cave meant something different. Since a lot of the talk didn’t directly deal with pain, but harnessing the brain, I think you guys need to coin the term “brain cave” instead. Keep up the good work.

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Episode 640