EP 639: Endurance off the Trail- Downhill Racing with Steven Nyman

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We have a special treat for all those seeking inspiration from the world of endurance sports. Imagine hurtling down treacherous slopes at breakneck speeds, defying gravity, and pushing the limits of human ability. Our guest needs no introduction in the world of alpine racing but might in our tribe – he’s the epitome of dedication, grit, and perseverance. With a remarkable 21 World Cup seasons, 3 World Cup victories, and an astounding 11 World Cup podiums, he’s a true legend of the slopes. Steven Nyman is a three-time Olympian who has performed at the highest level of alpine skiing’s most dangerous discipline – the downhill.  Steven joins us to talk about his physical training, how he mentally approaches races, how to cope with disappointing injuries, and how to come back!  He also talks about the brotherhood that he helped lead on the US Ski Team and the community with downhillers from other countries.

Steven retired this spring.  Check out his final downhill run at Aspen Colorado HERE.  You can find out more about Steven and the coaching events his team leads at American Downhiller.

You can also find him on INSTAGRAM or TWITTER

Did Scott mention that he used to be a skier?😂

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Episode 639