EP 643: Endurance off the Trail: Nordic Skiing with Liz Stephen

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This is the second of our series of episodes called “Endurance off the Trail” where we dive deep into the world of endurance sports outside of trail running. Our mission? To uncover the similarities we share and the differences that set us apart. We believe that by exploring the nuances of other endurance disciplines, we can enrich our own experiences on the trail.

In this episode, Liz Stephen, a former Nordic skier and Olympian, joins The Nation to discuss her transition from alpine skiing to Nordic skiing and her current involvement in coaching high school kids. Liz shares her experiences in both sports and highlights the similarities and differences between them. She emphasizes the importance of community and the welcoming nature of the Nordic skiing and trail-running communities. Liz also talks about the physical demands of Nordic skiing and the need for strength and power in the sport. She encourages trail runners to consider incorporating strength training into their routines for better overall performance and injury prevention. We also talk about Liz’s love for being in the mountains and her appreciation for the beauty and possibilities they offer.

But an athlete’s heart never rests! Transitioning from the icy tracks to rugged terrains, Liz embraced trail racing, competing in challenging distances like 64K and 40 miles. Join us as we journey through Liz’s remarkable career and discover how her skiing experiences shaped her trail running endeavors.

Check out this VIDEO of Liz at the Tour de Ski, Val di Fiemme

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Episode 643